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Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
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Paul Elswick
President and Executive Chairman

Mr. Elswick co-founded Educational Technology LLC with Alan Hughes in 1996 when the two recognized a need to improve technology throughout schools by bringing the Internet into the classroom in the Lee County District, Virginia. In June 2000, Educational Technology expanded its product line and became CornerPost Software, LLC.

Elswick's background includes 25 years of entrepreneurial and technical expertise and a consistent dedication to meeting technological demands in educational communities. In 1975, he founded Elswick Insulation Company, Inc., which provided support during the energy crisis in 1977 by insulating homes throughout Southwestern Virginia. Mr. Elswick also worked for seven years as Chief Pilot and Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Sheldon Truck and Equipment, where he specialized in negotiating multiple party transactions for used heavy machinery. In 1983, Mr. Elswick founded and managed Tractor Parts, Inc., a company that sold used and aftermarket bulldozer parts, where he maintained an IBM system 36 computer.

Mr. Elswick is an active educational advocate and has participated in school consolidation issues, education transformation initiatives, and grant writing to make the Internet accessible within school systems. In his role at the helm of CornerPost, he brings his passion and regional involvement to a national level by working to help the nation understand the importance of individual empowerment on the Internet. Mr. Elswick is also a licensed commercial airline pilot and is type rated on a B-777. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from Virginia Technical Institute.

Cholene Espinoza
Board of Directors Member and Advisor

As CEO Ms. Espinoza supervises the formation of strategic alliances and long-term business objectives for CornerPost, including the development of potential partnerships with Internet service providers and venture capitalists. She has been instrumental in developing relationships with influential leaders on Capitol Hill, including Senator Max Cleland of Georgia, and the members of Campaign 2000. Ms. Espinoza resides in New York City to be close to the nation's financial and business centers.

Ms. Espinoza's leadership qualities stem from her highly decorated background in aviation. She is a commercial airlines pilot and owns an aviation consulting business that buys, sells and manages jet aircraft through production for high profile clients. In addition to her many achievements, she was selected in 1992 for a Special Duty Assignment to fly the U-2R reconnaissance aircraft and T-38 for worldwide reconnaissance missions in support of U.S. strategic objectives. Ms. Espinoza was also named as the Assistant Operations Officer for contingency operations in Korea and Saudi Arabia, and was awarded an Air Medal for combat missions flown over Iraq and Bosnia.

Ms. Espinoza has been passionately involved in improving the educational role of the Internet in school systems. She has volunteered both in high schools and for the American Civil Liberties Union, and received the United Airlines award for Community Service in 1997 for her work as a mediator in the California Courts and local schools. She has recently developed a special course to teach conflict resolution for union representatives within the pilot ranks of commercial airlines.

Ms. Espinoza graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1987. She attended Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi and earned a Fighter, Attack, and Reconnaissance Rating. She is type rated in the Boeing Business Jet, Gulfstream V and Boeing 777.

Alan Hughes
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Mr. Hughes co-founded Educational Technology LLC with Paul Elswick in 1996 when the two recognized a need to improve technology through schools by bringing the Internet into the classroom in Lee County, Virginia. Educational Technology became CornerPost Software in June 2000 after Mr. Hughes developed the first K-12 library management software system to function over a wide area network, called BookMARC. Since then, Mr. Hughes has spearheaded the discovery and development of other innovative CornerPost products including Chaperon, Surrogate Socket and TotalTRAC.

Before co-founding CornerPost, Mr. Hughes supervised the design and coding of numerous products as a Senior Programmer and Project Manager for Omni Computer Services in Tennessee. Such developments included: Fax-It-2U, an interactive voice response and fax-back system; American Water Heater DOE Water Heater Test System; the Bekaert Steel Plant Floor Automation System; and OmniTrax Call Accounting, a telephone call accounting system designed for use with major PBX systems. Mr. Hughes also managed software development projects for a year at Tyler Computer Control Systems, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Hughes is also a Microsoft Certified Professional whose expertise includes extensive experience with Microsoft development tools, programs, and operating systems. Mr. Hughes holds a B.S. in Computer Science from East Tennessee State University.

Hilary J. Kramer
Board of Directors Member and Financial Advisor

Hilary Kramer applies to CornerPost Software her extensive expertise in investment banking, business development and transactional support. For the past six years, she has been the Senior Managing Director of North American Operations for the Cisneros Group of Companies, a privately-owned international broadcast, media and telecommunications entity that has interests in over 50 companies and annual revenues of over $3.5 billion. Ms. Kramer was one of the founding team members of the Cisneros Group's joint venture with America Online to bring Internet services into Latin America, and also provided support for AOL Latin America's IPO. In addition to providing financial consultation and strategic support to CornerPost, she continues to execute the business development strategy for AOL Latin America, which includes forming content partnerships, developing advertising and promotional programs. Prior to working at Cisneros, Ms. Kramer was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers from 1992 to 1994, where she executed mergers and acquisitions and equity and debt underwriting transactions. Ms. Kramer's experience also includes three years at Morgan Stanley where she completed the two-year financial analyst program.

Ms. Kramer is on the Board of Directors of the Ibero American Media Partners' Fund (IAMP), a $500 million private equity investment jointly owned by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, Inc. and the Cisneros Group. She is a board member for several other organizations, including her position as the Board of Directors of the Hewitt School as well as on the Advisory Board of Conectadas.com, an Internet portal serving U.S. Hispanic and Latin American women. Ms. Kramer holds a BA in Political Science and Latin American Studies from Wellesley College and a MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ryan Elswick
Chief Operations Officer

As COO, Mr. Elswick is responsible for the advertisement and marketing partnerships that shape CornerPost's corporate profile. These include the completion of a new image campaign when Educational Technology evolved into CornerPost Software in June of 2000, as well as the formation of partnerships with Microsoft Inc. and Citrix. Mr. Elswick also supervises the day to day operations of all departments in the Duffield, Virginia Headquarters. Mr. Elswick previously served as Network Administrator for Nettec, in London, England, but he has worked with the CornerPost at intervals since its inception in 1996 as Educational Technology. After Nettec, Mr. Elswick returned to CornerPost Software as Head of Technical Support where he applied his expertise towards the advancement of CornerPost's software and technical customer support.

Mr. Elswick actively supports the proper use of the Internet, and advises organizations on the development of Internet-related policies. He meets frequently with school officials to provide counsel on how to efficiently streamline the Internet's information flow into their school systems. Mr. Elswick also advises parents, educators, and employers on how they can make a difference in what network users can view on the Internet.

Mr. Elswick holds a B.A. in Art History from the College of William & Mary, and is licensed as a Microsoft Certified Professional on the Windows NT Server 4.0 platform.

Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
Surrogate Socket
There is no doubt that the Internet has made our world smarter, more connected, more productive. Experience has also proven how dangerous the Internet can be when it is used “unchecked” by good judgment.
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